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What is Wedding Day Management?

Known by lots of different names such as “on the day coordination”, “day of coordination”, “on the day wedding coordination” and “day of wedding coordination”.Wedding Day Management is slightly different to a traditional wedding planner as we work with you on a much shorter timescale often 6 weeks to a month before your big day.

Focusing on the logistics we take over from you and absorb all of the information that you have gathered up to a certain point including vendors, contacts, guests and suppliers among other things. We then go on to create a bespoke and highly detailed running schedule of your wedding day. Key to all this is our belief that everything that we do must be from a place of love. That is what all weddings are about anyway so why should your wedding service provider be any different? That is why we call ourselves Wedding Angels! We enable you to have an active part in the planning of your nuptials but also the freedom to enjoy the days leading up to it and the day itself knowing that there is a competent wedding coordinator at hand that will be there as a dedicated point of contact. We take care of all the wedding day management and any other responsibilities so that you do not have to. Whist planning every little detail of your wedding may initially sound like a great idea as the days weeks and months pass by and you get closer to the big day itself you will find that having someone that you can turn to that specialises in wedding day management will actually be hugely beneficial. It allows you to focus on your big day rather than having to worry if everything is in place and running smoothly and according to schedule! This can be distracting especially whilst walking down the aisle! Wedding Day Management duties may include:

  • Creating and reviewing timelines and schedules

  • Logistics surrounding vendors and contractors / sign offs etc.

  • Overseeing and resolving ad hoc unforeseen queries on the day

Wedding Day Management is perfect for:

  • People that want to actively be involved in the planning of their wedding

  • Those that are highly organised and just need a helping hand

  • People that wish to save money by not having a traditional wedding planner

  • Those that have a smaller budget but still need the help of wedding day management.

Wedding Angels are a great way to have a beautiful and relaxed day allowing you to enjoy your guests without having to rush off to attend to things that a trusted Angel could do instead! Get in touch with us today!

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