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Who to have in your wedding party?

When it comes to your wedding planning deciding who to have in your wedding party is definitely something that you should take time to think about before making any hasty final decisions.

Essentially you should think of the people that you would like to be included in your wedding party as your support network, and in turn you should choose people that will help to support you both on your special day, rather than people that you feel obliged to ask such a family members or those that might have asked you if they can be a part of your wedding party. There are many roles for you to consider in addition to the size of your wedding party these include: Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids

As the head of the bridesmaids not only does the Maid of honour keep the bridesmaids party organised, she usually heads up the planning of the bachelorette party. On the day she can also be found helping to dress the bride and helping to calm her nerves. Your bridesmaids although less prominent needs to be supportive and available. You’d be surprise how fraught bridal party dress fittings can be. Best Man and Groomsmen The best Man is exactly that! The best man around apart from the Groom of cause. But what do you do if there is more than one Best Man or you really can’t choose? Then how about more than one Best Man or just scaping it completely and only having Groomsmen? Groomsmen often referred to as Ushers, assist the groom in a similar way to the bridesmaids. Organising the stag party and providing him with support. Flowergirls Flowergirls are a lovely addition to your wedding party. Usually matching the bride in some way. The flower girl traditionally walks down the aisle scattering flower petals. Pageboys

Traditionally the role of the Pageboy was to hold the brides train as she walked down the aisle. Whilst it can be great for photos, today many might feel a little anxious going ahead with such a tradition, so Pageboys can often be found holding hands with the flower girls or walking behind the bride without holding the bridal gowns train. You will have many things to pay for including the wedding venue and suppliers. So as part of your financial plan you will also need to consider who will be paying for the bridal party’s involvement – this is often something that is forgotten about. Will you be covering any additional costs, or will you be asking them to contribute in some way shape or form whether it be financially or for their time. Once you have all of your plans in place, a Wedding Angel can take over your wedding day management and schedules allowing you to focus on your wedding during the weeks and days leading up to your nuptials. Click here to get in touch with your Angel!


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