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Choosing your style of wedding

Wondering what type of ceremony to have on your wedding day? Do you have the theme of your dream wedding in mind?

Maybe you want to blend 2 styles into one – rustic elements with a modern twist. Choosing your style of wedding is one of the most important decisions that you will have to make for your big day. Have you ever considered a themed wedding? They are becoming more and more popular, and are often influenced by the ambience and mood rather than trends or colour schemes.

On the other hand a location setting can often influence the time of day or year that you wish for your nuptials to take place. For example, maybe the location has a great view that would be perfect for a sunset wedding.

Aside from the ceremony itself the reception style is usually a key component of your wedding plans. Will you be requesting that guests wear particular attire or colours in order to match your scheme?

For a truly unique wedding whilst the wedding venue and suppliers can help you to pull it off, a wedding day co-ordinator has the experience to bring your vision to life with their knowledge and expertise.

Below you will find our Top 3 wedding styles:

Indoor Weddings

From ballrooms to banquet halls and chapels, an indoor wedding venue can host both your ceremony and reception and often has the décor to match the style that you are going for, which means there is less for you to do in terms of dressing your venue. Which is great if you have a budget to stick to.

Garden Wedding

A botanical garden can be a romantic setting for your nuptials. And whilst you may have to consider the rain depending on the time of year, it can be the perfect way to have a unique alfresco celebration with your loved ones!

Bohemian Wedding

If you are seeking a wedding that has both a romantic and vintage feel with natural elements such as wild flowers then boho is the way to go! From your invitations being made from recycled paper, to an eco friendly venue or decorations. Whatever it is a Wedding Angel can help with the perfect finishing touches! So get in touch with us today!


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