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Wedding Angels - Wedding Day Planning & Management - London
Wedding Angels - Wedding & Event Management

Wedding Day Management

Our personally tailored package is designed to meet your needs, and exceed your expectations.
Starting 6-4 weeks before your day, and ending when you wave farewell as the newly married couple.
We’re more than happy to supplement or remove features from the outlined package to suit your individual preferences.

Planning your Perfect Day

Your Guardian Angel will meet with you 6-4 weeks before your wedding for an in-depth consultation.  This is an opportunity for you and your Guardian Angel to get to know each other.


It’s important to us that we understand you and your specific preferences to ensure we provide you with the best possible service.  We want to build a connection and relationship of trust with you, so you feel truly cared for.


This meeting gives you the chance to tell us your exact wedding day wishes. We’ll be there to listen and advise.

The Wedding Angel Experience


Vendor Assurance

Point of Contact

Venue Appearance

Coordination of Events

Photography Management

We develop an all-inclusive, in-depth timeline of your day.  You can relax knowing every last detail has been taken care of and accounted for. 


You can trust us to expertly consider every aspect of your day to ensure it flows effortlessly.  We’ll outline all the details, including your vendors responsibilities and the tasks your Wedding Angels will complete, so you know exactly what to expect.

We contact all your vendors, including your venue, 2-1 week(s) before your wedding.


Every component of your day is distinctly expressed on your behalf, so all contributors know exactly when and where they’re required.


We outline your specifications to your vendors so everyone has clear guidelines of their responsibilities and duties for your day.

We will be the point of contact.  We will handle all queries and administrative duties on your behalf.  This includes contact for your vendors, venue, wedding guests and wedding party, leading up to and on the day itself.


We take care of any on-the-day tasks such as payments, gift handling and follow-ups, so you can enjoy your day to the full.

We have high standards.  We want nothing but the best for you on your wedding day. 


That’s why we take the time to meticulously check every last detail.  We’ll ensure your venue is in tip-top condition, including cleanliness, so that your day looks and feels exactly as you imagined.

We’ll manage and coordinate all aspects of your day to guarantee everything runs smoothly and as scheduled on your timeline. 


Allowing you to get lost in the special moments of your day, whilst we keep a perfectly balanced momentum.


Includes, but not limited to: ceremony, photographs, speeches, wedding breakfast, cake cutting and first dance.

One of the most important elements of your wedding day (aside from actually getting married, of course!) is the quality of your photographs.

They’ll be the physical keepsake to treasure from your day.  Your memories forever captured.


Wedding Angels understand how important your photographs are, and that’s why we’ll proudly work alongside your photographer to deliver the best pictures possible.

We'll achieve this by:

  • Having a list of the shots you’ve asked for so we can check they’re all taken.

  • Having a list of all the people included in every shot so we can make sure they’re present, and find them if necessary.

  • Ensure correct etiquette is followed for every picture taken.  For example, checking everyone is looking in the right direction, everyone’s face is visible, clothes and shoes are appropriately worn, and mobile devices are hidden/refrained from use.

  • Checking the captured pictures to ensure everyone looks their best, the framing is appropriate, and the background is complimentary.

Wedding Angels - Wedding Day Planning & Management - London

Travel Check


Post Wedding Checkup


We’ll check relevant travel updates for all areas near your wedding location(s) 2-1 day(s) before the day.


We will alert you and your vendors of any events, road closures, or public transport issues that may affect travel on your day, so everyone is fully prepared.

You’ll be assisted by at least two lovely Angels on your special day.  They’ll be available to attend to your every need with love and consideration for up to 10 hours. You can expect your Angels to be proactive in their service to you, and prioritise your needs.


More Angels can be made available to you for an additional cost.

We don’t completely disappear once your wedding day draws to a close.


We pride ourselves on offering a holistic service that sincerely cares about you; your wedding experience and your wellbeing.


We’ll contact you after your day to find out how you're feeling.  We’ll take the time to listen to your honest feedback and provide a compassionate ear for any issues that may have arisen.

We’re honoured to have the opportunity to provide a valuable service to you on one of the most important days of your life.


It’s our aim to give you a spectacular wedding day experience to treasure forever.  We’re proud of our exceptionally high standards that will evidently feature throughout your wedding day.


Our complete personally tailored wedding day management service is available from £1,600.


50% deposit payable at your first consultation to secure your wedding date, then the outstanding balance due 4 weeks prior to your wedding day.


Additional Angels can be made available for an extra cost.

Our initial meeting will always begin with a conversation that is usually less about the wedding itself but more about your lives and what brings you joy – we’ll use this to inform how we proceed with the design and planning of your event. It really is all in the details!

Our thorough and thoughtful step-by-step process is designed to give you the attentive, valuable service you deserve.

The Process

Initial Consultation

  • A discussion for you and us to connect on the style of your wedding.

  • Your personally tailored contract will be agreed.

  • Bridal resources and questionnaire sent out for you to specify your requirements.

  • 50% deposit to be paid.

4 weeks before

  • An in-depth meeting with your appointed Guardian Angel to specify all your wishes and requirements.

  • Your personalised plan will be developed using your questionnaire responses.

  • We carefully check your travel and location details for any relevant updates.

  • Outstanding balance to be paid.

2 weeks before

We contact your vendors and suppliers to confirm your individual requirements.

2 days before

We meticulously check the travel, event and weather details for last-minute updates.

On the Day

Your Guardian Angel, along with at least one other Angel will manage and coordinate all your specifications throughout the day.  Making sure you have the seamless, beautiful day you’ve been dreaming of.

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