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Wedding Angels - Wedding & Event Management - London

Wedding Planning

Nothing takes away the stress of planning your wedding like having the support of a wedding planner from the moment you  start to think about your wedding. 

Wedding Angels - Wedding Day Planning & Management - London

Wedding Angels Service

At Wedding Angels we have experience in all the finer details and requirements around planning a wedding.


We work in harmony with you every step of the way until your wedding day, when you have partied the night away and beyond. 


We have lots of supplier contacts and we're pretty good at identifying and solving any problems before they occur.

The cost for full wedding planning is from a minimum of £5,000 or 10% of your budget. 

Our Service includes but is not limited to:

Regular Contact

Concept Design

Sourcing a Team

Venue Options

Budget Management

Vendor Management

Timeline / Schedules

Wedding Day Set Up


Travel / Accommodation

Regular face-to-face contact and unlimited telephone support throughout the planning for up to 12 months of planning.

Designing a concept for the wedding you desire, showing you the look and feel of your event and giving you a flavour of the atmosphere you can expect.

Sourcing a talented team who are a great fit for your wedding.

Drawing from our network of exceptional suppliers, We will shortlist those that match your budget and will be able to instinctively understand and execute the wedding celebration you want.

Venue recommendation and/or selection if required.

Complete management of the wedding budget.
We will create a payment schedule for you to refer to for all vendor services. 

Complete management of all vendors /suppliers.

Wedding day timelines and schedule compilation.

We will work with you to create a schedule for the day and ensure the schedule is adhered to by all involved. 

Overseeing the wedding day set up and breakdown.

We are usually with you long after bouquets are tossed, high heels are off and the dance floor is thinning out.

Rehearsal management if required - especially for weekend long celebrations.

Travel and accommodation support for weekend / multi day celebrations can be arranged by prior agreement.

Wedding shoes and rings.png

Our initial meeting will always begin with a conversation that is usually less about the wedding itself but more about your lives and what brings you joy – we’ll use this to inform how we proceed with the design and planning of your event. It really is all in the details!

Our thorough and thoughtful step-by-step process is designed to give you the attentive, valuable service you deserve.

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