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Making your first dance memorable - to rehearse or to freestyle?

bride and groom having their first dance

The first dance is one of the most nerve-wracking wedding day traditions for a lot of couples and sparks the debate on whether to rehearse or freestyle. I can almost guarantee you’ve attended a wedding where the first dance has ended up looking like an awkward middle school dance.

We spoke with Amy from Wedding Day Dance UK to see what she thinks. From her perspective, the first dance should always be about how confident and happy the couple feels. There will be some people that love taking to the dance floor and being in the spotlight, but equally, you may be so worried that you don’t want to do it. For these people, it is important to remember that your wedding day is about YOU so if you don’t want to take to the dance floor, you don’t have to!

A good way to help yourself enjoy your first dance is by having an idea of what you’re going to do - whether that be by attending a dance lesson or simply dancing around your living room to your favourite songs. A dance lesson can also be a fun opportunity to spend some precious time together during the run-up to your wedding day - which we all know can be a busy time for you both.

There is no guarantee that choreographing will take away all your nerves - but it’s almost certain to make you feel less awkward. At the end of the day, the feeling is what you’re going to remember and will help to shape the happy memories you want to take from your special day.

Ultimately, it’s important that you embrace what you want from your wedding day, rather than feeling the pressure to conform to the trends. It may help you to relax to have some idea of what you’re dance will look like to help you look and feel more confident - and create a happy memory that you will look back on with a smile!

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