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What is the best time of year to get married?

Here at Wedding Angels we believe that the best time of the year to get married depends on each couple and their individual desires, needs and wedding day expectations. For some it is the season that gives them the most for their budget - low season, whilst others prefer peak season due the long summer days.

When it comes to wedding day management, our seasonal experience has enabled us to put together a list of the pros and cons for each in order to help you with the wedding planning for your big day. Winter

Whilst the summer months are usually jam packed with weddings and venues often booked years in advance, we must remember that not everyone wants a summer wedding! After all, winter is the only time of year filled with magic and wonder! So with that in mind let’s look at the pros and cons of having a Winter wedding: Pros

  • Winter wonderland – What could be more perfect then combining your wedding day with a picturesque and ever so romantic winter setting - making it truly unique!

  • Winter weddings are much cheaper (often saving you a small fortune) as many wedding venues and suppliers offer discounted rates in order to secure bookings during the winter months, which are considered low season.


  • You might have to consider taking some of your wedding photos indoors. As the weather might not be the best for photos, and it maybe quite cold for you and your guests.

  • There is a chance that travel may be affected due to the adverse weather, which can affect not only the wedding party but, guests and suppliers too. Winter weather tends to be slightly more unpredictable. However, if you do manage to pull off your winter wedding day it can have one of the most beautiful scenic backdrops.


Spring is full of hope and new beginnings making it a great time of year to have a wedding. The dark evenings have disappeared and days are warmer. Pros

  • Spring weddings can be picture perfect with blooms on full display making them the perfect backdrop for your big day. In addition to this the weather is usually mild and venue and supplier prices tend to be reasonable.


  • Whilst you might be able to catch warmer days leading up to the summer months ahead, the weather in spring can be a lot more unpredictable. So when planning your wedding you may want to have a plan B if you wanted an outdoor wedding or part of your day to be outdoors.


Summer is the most popular time of year to get married. It invokes images of weddings against a colourful bloom of flowers and rich greenery. With long warm evenings to ensure the celebrations run into the night. Pros

  • If you want an outdoor wedding, then a summer wedding is usually the way to go due to the weather. You will also find that you have a lot more options. A venue with indoor and outdoor options allows you and your guests to make full use of the property whilst capturing great photos!


  • In recent years we have had some extreme summer days that have been very hot with high levels of humidity that can affect hairstyles and makeup. The summer months are also more expensive. You may have to give your guests much more notice than expected as they might have already booked holidays in advance.

Autumn Autumn is a naturally rich time of year to get married. There are lots of possibilities to incorporate the warm colours of the season into your decorations and table settings. Pros

  • Autumn is rich, earthy and vibrant – and its days can still be mild, which is a plus. You may also want to tie in the autumnal theme into your wedding - from your bouquets right down to the table settings and centrepieces reflecting the season itself and making your wedding day even more special.


  • If your wedding is on a weekday be aware that your guests might not have enough leave from work after the summer holidays making it a difficult time of the year. They may also be saving the remainder of their days for the upcoming Christmas break.

Whichever season you decide to get married in just remember that Wedding Angels are here for you no matter the time of year! So please get in touch we would love to hear from you! Contact an Angel today!


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