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What do your wedding colours say about you!

When it comes to wedding planning and your colour choices, you may already have a favourite colour or a colour scheme in mind. However, if you are not sure where to start, then a great place to do so would be to use the season or the venue as inspiration for your palette!

At Wedding Angels we know the importance of colour schemes and how these finer details often help to tie a wedding together. At first it may seem that weddings are all whites and beiges. However, think about the last wedding that you went to and you may start to remember the overall colour scheme that the couple had chosen some more subtle than others. When it comes to choosing the colour scheme for your big day what will your decision say about you and your wedding?

Whether it be a slight accent or a mixture of bright colours, there is more than likely a message being conveyed consciously or sub-consciously!

Pinks and Purples

One of the most popular and beautiful colour choices for weddings. Colours such as lavender, baby pink and fuchsia as well as pastel colours such as dusty rose, a luxurious blend of pink and violet, will help to give your wedding a subtle yet decadent appeal. These colours represent compassion, nurturing and love.

Over the years, lavender has always been associated with luxury, wealth, love and devotion. It’s considered special as it is a colour rarely seen in nature.

Oranges & Yellows

Orange conveys a message at weddings of happiness, attraction and success. Yellow represents freshness, happiness and positivity! Creating an atmosphere of marital bliss for you and your guests on your wedding day.


As Wedding Day Managers gold is one of the colours that we see the most, it represents love, wealth and courage. So you can understand why it has been used in weddings and ceremonies across the globe for generations. The most popular way to use gold is through accents, trims and shimmers!


Why not invite Mother Nature to your nuptials? Green is known as the colour of life and growth. The perfect beginning to your future as husband and wife. This colour allows you the perfect opportunity to add foliage to your bouquet, table settings or ceremony flowers.


Those in the know predict that classic blue will be the colour of choice in 2020! Blue is often referred to as a “universal favourite”. It is the colour of water, peace and tranquillity. You may wish to go as deep as a bold royal blue or navy. Or, a softer sky blue through to baby blue.

Bling, Bling

Not a colour but who doesn’t like some sparkle! Whether you’re adding sparkly shoes under your dress or going “my big fat gypsy wedding” style what better day to drip in ice! This colour scheme can be achieved by using silver glitter, rhinestones, crystals and of course diamonds.


Not the most common of colours but discreetly elegant shades such as dove grey are very chic. Grey represents compromise solidarity and stability both of which are key components that help to make up any successful relationship.


Whether you have accents of red or whole colour schemes of it. Red is definitely a statement colour! It invokes visions of love, passion and unadulterated pleasure. Not a colour choice for the faint-hearted but a powerful declaration that will send waves round your wedding!

Here at Wedding Angels the only colour we really see is Love, so no matter your wedding colour theme we are here for you so get in touch!


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