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Wedding Reception entertainment Ideas

You may well be on your way to planning the wedding of your dreams, or maybe newly engaged and just playing with ideas for wedding reception entrainment. Whatever the case, you have come to the right place.

We have great knowledge and wish to share a few of our ideas with you, which is why we are called Wedding Angels – here to help you along the way!

You may wish to have entertainment for all ages including the children if any will be in attendance. Your guests will have high expectations as a host it’s your role to ensure that they are entertained and doing it right can help them to feel extra special without breaking the bank! If your venue has an outdoor setting, then you may wish to have a fireworks display. Alternatively, if you have just an indoor setting you may wish to have a grand food display, a sweets cart or a photo booth! Many other ideas include having a DJ to play your favourite songs. This is always great as it takes the responsibility of the music away from you, which is one thing less for you to have to worry about. Or, maybe you would like to have live music and can hire a band!

A magician is entertainment that is suitable for all ages and can help to keep everyone amused as you change dresses for example. Great if you don’t want to keep you guests waiting around with nothing to keep them entertained before your big reveal. Many magicians will also pick guests out to take part in their show, which can bring even more life to the party! Cartoonists are becoming more and more popular over the years, and we noticed this is becoming ever more present in people’s wedding plans. Not only do they draw whilst standing, they also mingle with your guests adding to the experience! Entertainment ideas can go beyond anything you may have imagined and there are options to suit all budgets as long as you do your research. We find that sometimes the more thoughtful the ideas the less that they may cost especially if you are willing to do some DIY! For example, having board games, crosswords or puzzles for each of your guests at the table settings! Have you considered wedding day management? The perfect helping hand leading up to your big day why not get in contact with us today – Wedding Angels!


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