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Wedding Flower ideas and inspiration

Different flowers have different symbolic meanings, and every colour conveys a different message. Which is why choosing the right flowers for your special day will not only help you to express your feelings, but will also help you to create the perfect atmosphere, on what many refer to as the greatest day of their lives!

When deciding what flowers to have keep in mind the look and feel of your venue. For example, your venue may be traditional, rustic or have a vintage appeal. With each style there are particular flowers and arrangements that will suit your venue perfectly.


We have come to the conclusion that the bride’s bouquet is one of the most important finishing touches to the couples big day. Some brides go for a simple yet elegant bouquet while others go for a cascading waterfall effect. There are many different bouquet styles to choose from so it is important to do your research. You may also want to tie your bouquet into your overall colour scheme if you have already decided upon one.

Wedding Party

The bridesmaids may have smaller bouquets of their own that mirror the Bride’s, whilst the flower girls may have a basket full of petals for scattering down the aisle. The groom and the groomsmen traditionally wear corsages, as does the mother of the bride.

Ceremony Flowers

There are a number of places that you might to place your flowers during your ceremony. Some options are at the front of the ceremony venue to greet your guests, flowers tied along the aisle marking your approach and at front where you and your other half will be taking your vows. You may also want to consider scented aisle flowers to fragrance the walkway as you proceed down to the altar. Other options include decorating pillars with flowers on the vine and ceiling flowers.

Confetti Petals

As we move into a generation where people are more aware of their effect on the environment, petal confetti has become more and more popular! Not only is it natural, beautiful and scented, it is 100% biodegradable.

Also, as the petals are lightweight, they float beautifully in the air once released by your friends and family creating a romantic, fairy tale effect – which is also great for photos.

Wedding Reception Flowers

You may want to have the same floral theme throughout - right to your wedding reception. If you do, see below for our handy tip! Other flower options at the reception include a flower wall to take beautiful pictures with your guests.


When it comes to wedding planning and wedding day management there are a number of tips that we recommend to our clients in order to help them to save money. As there is often a break between the ceremony itself and the wedding reception, we advise our clients that this can be used as a window of opportunity to move the ceremony flowers to the reception! If your ceremony and reception are in the same room you can simply re-arrange the flowers for a fresh new look.

Whichever way you decide to display your flowers or if you decide to have something else instead, the Wedding Angels are here for you so get in contact with us today!


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