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Take the leap: sisters are doing it for themselves

29th February 2020 is a leap year, and leap years are traditionally known as a year that women can ask men for their hand in marriage rather than the other way around. It apparently originated from a deal struck between Saint Bridget and Saint Patrick.

What if he says no?

Unfortunately, this does happen but a no might not be a straight no as there may be a variety of reasons behind his decision. Maybe he was looking forward to asking you for your hand in marriage or maybe it’s not the right time. However, luckily for you tradition is on your side and it states that if a woman were to ask a man for his hand in marriage and he were to decline that she is entitled to receive a silk gown, a red petticoat or even a fur coat! Whilst the Scottish story states that a penalty must be paid by any man that refuses his maiden’s hand in marriage!

Proposal ideas?

Here at Wedding Angels are all about weddings and wedding day management, and over the years we have heard many client engagement stories from Poundland £1 engagement rings, to proposals over steak. So, with that in mind here our are top 3 proposal ideas for you this leap year:

1. Propose over a steak

Is he a man’s man? If yes then this idea is perfect for the macho guy that’s not into candles and fine dining. You can set the mood at home with a nice beer or his favourite wine and take it from there!

2. Spa day

Book yourselves in for a spa day, helping you both to relax and unwind before popping the question as you might find that you are nervous beforehand.

3. Make the proposal unique to him

Does your partner have a hobby or a favourite sport? Maybe there is a way for you to add an elements of his interests, and even his personality into your proposal idea so that its tailor made specifically for him.

Also, whilst you may be ready to ask you partner for his hand in marriage, as with any proposal you must take the time to think if he wants to get married, so that you can be confident in your decision. It might be wise to ask him nonchalantly in one of your conversations “what do you think about marriage”, “is getting married something that you would want to do”, this will help you to gauge his mind-set beforehand.

Have you considered wedding day management? The perfect helping hand leading up to your big day. Why not get in contact with us today – Wedding Angels! View details of our fully flexible service here.


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