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Home or Abroad - You decide!

When thinking about getting married abroad there are some pros and cons that you will have to consider. It may take you quite some time to weigh up all of your options, especially if certain loved ones are unable to travel abroad.

Wedding planning is not easy and there are many challenges that you may face no matter where you decide to have your wedding. If you do decide to go abroad, Wedding Angels suggest a reception once you return home for everyone to attend, especially those that were not able to join you for your ceremony.

We have wedding day management expertise for weddings both at home and abroad. Our wealth of knowledge can help you to make your final decision. Here are some of the pros and cons that we have come across over the years:


  • Your destination wedding can allow you to create a unique experience when taking your vows, whether it be open air, on the beach, or even incorporating the local cuisine into your wedding breakfast.

  • Weddings abroad often come at a lesser cost, which is something that many couples take advantage of to save more money, or to spend more money on more of the things that they want. Some may even use the savings to help pay for the flights for friends and family members.

  • Another pro, that can also be a con depending on how you see it, is the smaller number of people that can usually attend. Destination weddings make for great intimate nuptials. A chance for you to invite just a handful of your nearest and dearest which can be especially great if you have a large family.

  • Many couples also use destination weddings as a chance to also have a honeymoon. This can save a lot of cost and planning. Alternatively, you might choose to drive or jet off to another location.

  • A chance for the couple to elope and have their own romantic ceremony.


  • Family and friends that you have invited to join you on your special day abroad may not be able to afford the cost of flights or be unable to travel. So be prepared for some of your nearest and dearest not to be able to attend.

  • Following on from the ceremony you must remember that you will be away with your friends and family. So you must also decide how you wish to spend the days following on from your wedding. Maybe you will book a separate honeymoon or maybe you will decide to enjoy spending this time with your loved ones.

  • A lot of the planning may have to be put into the hands of others. So you will have to trust that they know what they are doing.

Wedding Angels have a great deal of experience with all types of weddings. If you have decided to get married abroad, and need wedding day management then get in contact with us today.


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