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Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Whether you are newly engaged, or well on your way with your wedding planning and in the midst of trying to piece it all together, there is one thing that you will spend al lot of time considering, as it is one of the most important elements of your big day aside from your love – your bridal gown!

Whilst you may already have a style of dress in mind in with regards to its fabric, such as elegant lace or satin among others. The shape, which will ultimately be your silhouette, is key to not only your comfort on the day but also your figure, which is why you should find the best shape to suit your figure.

This is why here at Wedding Angels we have put together a guide to help breakdown the different shapes and styles to assist you through the decision-making process as you attend your numerous bridal appointments - as searching for the perfect bridal gown can be an overwhelming process indeed.

Our Top 6 Silhouettes (dress shapes):


If you want to be a princess with a lot less volume in your skirt, the A-line is the perfect dress for you as it suits all body shapes, giving it a beautiful hourglass shape as it usually has a bodice and comes in at the waist.


Similar to the A-line the ballgowns silhouette gives an hourglass shape but with much more volume in the skirt due to the layers and layers of tulle which also makes the skirt quite heavy. It is recommended that you wear a corset with the dress to help support the weight of the skirt especially if you will be wearing it all day.


The fishtail shape is also referred to as the mermaid and is very popular amongst brides to be. It clings to the body and gives a feminine shape as it flares out and hits the floor in a much wider arc at the back. It might also be worth investing in some supportive lingerie due to the clingy nature of the dress everything shows even the slightest bulge!


The sheath also known as the column suits taller women with a slim body due to the nature of the fabric, which is known to be unforgiving. Similar to the fishtail we suggest investing in supportive lingerie to help keep your flattering shape as this dress clings to the body.


This style of dress gathers beautifully under the bust and drapes down over the stomach area. Making it perfect for those who which to hide their stomachs and hips for whatever reason, maybe even to hide a pregnancy before any formal announcements.

Dropped Waist

Not as known as the other styles, but truly stunning. As the name suggests, this style drops at the hips and not the waist, creating an elegant sophisticated style. It is highly flattering on those with pear-shaped figures as it helps to balance out the thighs and show off your waist.

Have you considered wedding day management? The perfect helping hand leading up to your big day why not get in contact with us today – Wedding Angels are waiting to hear from you!


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