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Should I allow guests to bring their children to my wedding?

When it comes to wedding planning one of the many dreaded questions that you will come across concerning your big day is – will you be having children at your wedding?

It has become more and more common for children not to be invited to weddings so you will not be breaking the mould if that’s the decision that you decide to go ahead with. However, before you go ahead and make any final decisions, here at Wedding Angels we suggest that you make a list of reasons why you may or may not want to allow children to attend your wedding. Below you will find a list of some of the things that you may want to consider, for example:

  • The budget – each child will be an additional cost (food and entertainment wise).

  • The church service and whether it may be disrupted.

  • Can your guests that are parents really let go and enjoy themselves with their children by their side?

  • Those with children may feel ostracised for not being able to attend you wedding, if you decide that children are not able to come especially if they are unable to find a sitter.

If you decide to have children at your wedding here are a few suggestions you can put in place to make them and their parents more comfortable:

  • Maybe children can be invited to a part of the wedding rather than the whole day.

  • If budget is one of your main concerns, then a children’s table at the wedding breakfast with a separate cheaper menu could be a cost-effective solution.

  • You may want to hire someone to look after the children, and include things such as colouring books, a special wedding day party bag, and maybe even a children’s entertainer such as a magician.

If you are seeking wedding day management then why not get in contact with Wedding Angels today. We are able to take care of your big day and roll out your vision a few weeks before your wedding and on the day itself – helping you to focus on those special moments knowing that we have everything under control! See our Wedding Day Management page for more details!


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