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How to choose the (other) one - your dress!

Searching for your dream dress might feel like an overwhelming challenge, but Wedding Angels have a number of tips that can help you along the way. Whether you are looking for the perfect dress to suit your hourglass figure, or a dress with something special; our suggestions will help you to make your wedding dress shopping experience an enjoyable one!

Here are our top 5 tips to help you along the way!

1. Research, research, research - Doing your research can save you a lot of physical man hours trailing around the shops. By doing your research you can decide on styles, lengths, fabrics, shapes and veils beforehand.

Here are some questions to consider when doing your research:

Styles – which style would best compliment your body shape?

Fabrics – Do you want simplicity or lace or beading?

Veils – Veil or no veil? Long or Short?

Colours – Do you have a colour scheme in mind? Do you want those colours on your dress?

2. Time – Give yourself as much time as possible. We always recommend 9 months but have dealt with brides giving themselves more or even less time. We recommend this timeline as you not only need to find your dream dress, but your dress most likely will be made to order and may also need some alterations.

3. Bring someone along with you for a second opinion – Whether it’s a group of friends (we recommend one or two) or someone that’s closest to you who’s opinion you trust highly, we recommend that you have someone on hand to give you a second opinion. Your mother and your maid of honour can be 2 great choices!

4. Take a seat – One of our favourite tips is to tell the Bride to be is to sit down in her dress when trying it on. A simple tip that many people overlook, sitting down in your dress when trying it on will help you to see if it is going to be comfortable for you on your big day.

5. Budget – Always stick to your budget, the worse thing to do is to try on a dress outside of your budget.

No matter your choice of wedding dress, the Wedding Angels are here for you so get in contact with us.


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