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How do you plan a DIY Wedding?

Do you have a budget for your wedding? Have you considered a DIY wedding in order to help you to make the most out of every pound that you wish to spend? Many couples that have done a DIY wedding can often be heard raving about the thousands of pounds that they were able to save here and there from doing it on their own, without the help of a full wedding planner.

DIY weddings are perfect for those who want to add unique personal touches to their wedding day. Whether they will be handcrafting them or not, a DIY wedding gives couples a chance to take a leading role in putting together the wedding of their dreams! Here are our top 3 tips for planning your own wedding.

DIY Wedding Top Tips

1. Research goes a long way

Research, research and more research can help you to find the perfect suppliers offering you their goods and services at the best prices. Also, you may find that looking into local suppliers (hidden gems) will give you a chance to benefit from competitive deals that you may not be able to find elsewhere.

2. Ceremony to reception

Having both venues as close together as possible or even in the same place can save on transportation costs, to and from each of the venues, which can cost hundreds of pounds. It also makes it easier for your guests and allows more of the day to celebrate your wedding.

3. Logistics

Whilst you may have all of your wedding day logistics ready to go and have decided who will be assigned to what tasks and when, have you also taken the time to consider who will be on standby to help you roll them out on your big day?

For couples that choose to go ahead with a DIY wedding, they often seek wedding day management for assistance in the weeks to the wedding and on the day itself, helping them to have a stress-free wedding where they can relax on the day knowing that their plans are in the hands of a professional.

Wedding Angels offer this service, and we are ready and waiting to take over your plans in order to make sure that they are executed exactly how you want them to be. This leaves you time to focus on your big day, celebrating it with your partner, family and friends.

Wedding Angels will coordinate with each of your suppliers, put plans in place to deal with any public events the same day as your wedding, and deal wi

th any issues that may arise such as running to schedule, guest issues, setup and clearing the event space, serving drinks and much more.

Contact us today for a chat to see how we can help you!


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