Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are you different from other wedding planners?

We don't just bring all your plans together for your wedding day, we ensure that all is well with mind, body and soul. All our Angels are trained not only in wedding managment but also in the little details that when over looked can spoil your special day. Additionally, each Wedding Angel is fully briefed before your wedding day to ensure they understand the uniqueiness of your requirements.

What is a Wedding Angel®?

A Wedding Angel® is a specially trained individual that is there to meet your needs as well as ensuring the smooth running of your wedding day.

How does your process work?

Wedding Angels can be booked any time before your wedding day. Ideally, the earlier the better but about 4 weeks to the day also works well. Subject to availability we can take last minute bookings. Once you have decided to book us, we will have an in-depth meeting putting together all the information needed for your day to go beautifully. Then about one week to the wedding day we will make sure that everyone and everything involved is ready to go. Once your wedding day arrives we are on hand when and wherever you need us.

I already have a wedding planner but can I still use you for my wedding day management?

Yes, absolutely! We are happy to coordinate with any wedding planners that you have already booked as our service can compliment theirs.

How much does your Wedding Day Management cost?

Our standard package costs just £1,000. Please see the Your Wedding Day page for further details.

Do you provide a full wedding planning service?

No, this is not a service we provide.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, this will incur additional travel costs.

Do you do weddings outside of London in the rest of the UK?

Yes, this will incur additional travel costs for weddings outside of the M25.