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What will weddings in 2022 look like?

In the midst of a pandemic, as life seems to be returning back to normal, slowly but surely many ask, what will weddings look like in 2022?

Initially, as we know, weddings were put on hold, then limited to smaller numbers of 15 and then 30, however it now seems that more and more people will consider sticking to smaller numbers for their ceremonies even as restrictions have been lifted. So we have decided to take a look at the following pros and cons of having a small wedding:

Pros of having a smaller wedding

· Many couples that decided to scale back the size of their weddings during the pandemic instead of cancelling and rescheduling them have said that they were able to save thousands of pounds!

· Being able to enjoy the moment and spend quality time with your nearest and dearest family and friends.

· A smaller wedding means that you may be able to offer your guests more such as luxury favours, more elaborate meals and exclusive décor.

· If you are planning a DIY wedding, then a smaller wedding is less stressful to plan and easier to manage as it can often seem like less of a challenge due to the numbers. You may also want to consider handing over your plans to a Wedding Angel who will take charge of your wedding day management, so that you can enjoy your big day without having to worry about the logistics of it all.

Cons of having a smaller wedding

· A smaller wedding ultimately means that you will be having a smaller guest list. Often this may lead to some people who didn’t make the list feeling left out, as you have chosen others over them and that may lead to some friction amongst friends and family members.

· If you have decided to go ahead with a smaller wedding you may have some doubts along the way, and maybe even afterwards as you begin to question whether or not having a smaller wedding was the best idea.

· If wedding gifts are important to you, then having a smaller wedding may result in you receiving fewer gifts as fewer people are invited, and those that have not been invited may not feel the need to send you a gift.

· A small guest list may mean less of a party atmosphere. If having a great party that goes on till closing time is what you want then you might have to reconsider having a small wedding.

Ultimately, who knows what the future holds for weddings in 2022! Whether people decide to carry on having smaller weddings, or there is an increase in weekday weddings, or smaller ceremonies but bigger receptions, as people have not been allowed out to socialise in big numbers until recently, Wedding Angels is here to assist you, so why not get in contact with us today. We would love to hear from you!

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