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Valentines Day

Here at Wedding Angels we consider Valentines Day to be one of our favourite days of the year. It’s a celebration of love, which is what we are about, it’s a chance for us to watch people fall in love all over again, share their love stories with us as we sit down together and go through the plans for their wedding.

If you’re getting married and or in the midst of planning your special day then we suggest that you keep your eyes open on Valentines Day as it’s a chance to get some inspiration for your up and coming nuptials. You may even consider getting married on Valentine’s Day itself after all what can be more romantic than that! But what about the history surrounding Valentines Day – How did it all begin? There are many theories surrounding the origins of Valentines Day also referred to as St. Valentine’s Day, which is celebrated across the world on 14th February. A special day of celebration between loved ones with an exchange of flowers, sweets, gifts and cards typically symbolised with hearts and words of affection. This holiday is thought to originate from the Roman festival of Lupercalia. It was a time that men and women were paired together in celebration of spring. Eventually, it went on to be referred to as St. Valentine’s Day from around the 14th Century named by Pope Gelasius. Others suggest that it originates from Rome by emperor Claudius II. He noticed that the younger men in his armies that had families or loved ones were much more cautious as they had a family back home waiting for their return. With this in mind he decided to outlaw marriage for the younger men as a preventative measure. However, a priest named Valentine went against this law and continued to marry couples secretly in order to avoid great punishment. Although he was eventually caught, the day went on to be named after him for his courageous and romantic endeavours. At Wedding Angels we see love in every working days of our lives, which is why when it comes to wedding day management we always ensure that we keep a look out for the latest trends to help assist our clients along the way to marital bliss. There are many ideas that you can take from Valentine’s Day. Like the colour red which symbolises love and luck that you can place subtly throughout your wedding day, these include:

Red bride and groom accessories Red lipstick Rose bouquets Rose petal confetti Have you considered wedding day management? The perfect helping hand leading up to your big day why not get in contact with us today – Your Angels are waiting!


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