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Coronavirus and your wedding: How do I postpone my wedding?

As at 14th April 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to change our lives throughout the UK (and across the World) on a daily basis due to the threat that it poses on the public’s health.

Initially, in response to the pandemic The Church of England decided that weddings would be limited to 5 people in total, which at the time included the bride and groom plus a witness. However, since then in conjunction with the Governments advice weddings and all ceremonies and gatherings have been banned. In fact, all non-essential trips outside of the home have been banned unless they are for the following reasons – food, medication, exercise or travelling to and from work as a key worker.

So how does this affect your fast approaching wedding day?

When it comes to wedding planning there are many things for the bride and groom to consider, even more so if it is due to take place in the midst of this pandemic. You may be questioning whether or not your wedding day will be able to go ahead, and if you will have to postpone or cancel it.

At Wedding Angels, when it comes to wedding planning we would advise you to consider your next steps and whether or not you need to take action. If your wedding is taking place in the next few weeks, maybe even months it would be best for you to get in contact with your venue and suppliers. They too will be bearing the brunt of the virus as many businesses, unless they provide essentials such as food, have been told to close. Bearing in mind that many suppliers are self employed we would recommend that you check with them to see if their prices have increased as a result of their temporary closure as this could have an affect on your budget. Also, moving your wedding to a later date could incur more costs. For example, a Spring 2020 wedding to a Summer 2021 date.

It is also wise to note that different countries have different rules and guidelines relating to weddings. This is especially something to consider if you are having a destination wedding.

Communicate with your guests

We would also recommend that you get in contact with your guests to advise them on the status of your wedding day, if it has been cancelled, postponed or not. You may also need to inform them of any significant changes such as the number of guests or venue changes.

On a final note, just remember that we are all being affected by this terrible virus and are in it together. All weddings are on hold so don’t feel bad that your wedding isn’t happening when you thought it would. Your day will still be special whenever it happens. Don’t forget Wedding Angels are here for you so get in touch with us.


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