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About us


Your wedding day is a celebration of your relationship.  The love and bond between you, your commitment to each other, and the hopes for your future together.

I created Wedding Angels to celebrate that.  We believe every couple deserves to experience a stunning, joyful wedding in celebration of their love.  After all, that’s what it’s all about.

We’re dedicated to giving you a memorable day, for all the right reasons.  We know you’ve been planning this day for a while, and that it’s one of the most important days of your life.  You want the beginning of your married life to start off on the right foot, with a beautifully seamless, happy wedding day.


That’s why it’s our mission to get to know you and your other half.  To understand your preferences, and what makes you, you. Our attentive consultation will make sure we connect to your ideals for your day.  From here, we build a tailored made plan based on your personal requirements. We carefully listen and implement your wishes with sincerity and professionalism.


We understand how precious your wedding day is, and we endeavor to create in partnership with you, your perfect day.


At the core of Wedding Angels is a value of love.  We believe in it, we applaud it, we share it, we even use it in our website domain name. It’s what makes us great at what we do.  We don’t consider what we do a job, nor our duties a list to be checked off. We recognise it’s our privilege to be a part of this special moment in your life.  


You’ll see our values and attitude expressed in everything we do.  We live and breathe love. In union with you, we will create an atmosphere that leaves goosebumps on arms and joyful tears on faces.


We can’t wait to assist you and share this beautiful day.

Sylvia x

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